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NMSO VV&A: Helping to RAISE the Credibility of Navy M&S

 The purpose of Verification, Validation and Accreditation (VV&A) is to mitigate the risk associated with using M&S and to gain confidence in the application of the M&S results through quantitative testing and thorough documentation. The Navy depends increasingly on M&S to make key decisions on all levels. M&S results must therefore be credible to meet the Navy’s needs. When executed correctly, VV&A helps to ensure: consistent and credible M&S results, informed decision-making, compliance with DoN policy, and the cultivation of reusable M&S.

NMSO VV&A complements SECNAVINST 5200.40 by providing VV&A guidance for both Navy M&S proponents and M&S users. Our goal is two-fold: advance VV&A knowledge and increase VV&A implementation. NMSO VV&A helps all M&S users and VV&A practitioners to RAISE the level of their M&S credibility by Refining Policy, Advancing Standardization, Increasing Implementation, Spreading Awareness, and Educating the Community.

We invite you to RAISE the credibility of your M&S today:

  1. Read and become familiar with VV&A policy (SECNAVINST: 5200.40, 5200.38A)

  2. Advance VV&A Standardization - Contact the NMSO VV&A & Standards Lead for more information: or

  3. Implement the VV&A Process Efficiently and Effectively (VV&A Handbook, VV&A Documentation Tool)

  4. Support Awareness of VV&A (VV&A Document Archive)

  5. Educate Yourself and Others on VV&A (VV&A Help Desk)