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Marine Corps Task List Branch

MCTL Branch Mission

The mission of the Marine Corps Task List (MCTL) Branch is the program management and maintenance of MCTL and its life cycle of products. MCTL is the authoritative, standardized, and doctrinally-based lexicon of USMC capabilities defined as Marine Corps Tasks (MCTs) and used by units, installations and the supporting establishments in the development of Mission Essential Tasks and Task Lists (METs/METLs).  METs/METLs are the list of “essential,” critical, discrete, eternally-focused MCTs that directly enables the execution of the organizational mission.  Capabilities, defined as “MCTs” and resident in MCTL enable Commanders to document their command warfighting operational abilities as METs/METLs, providing force sourcing planners, trainers and concept developers with single common language “tasks” articulating both Joint and USMC-specific, manpower, equipment and training requirements.  Developed METs/METLs provide the foundation and ability to measure operational mission readiness conducted to specific conditions and standards in compliance with Department of Defense/Joint Staff mandates for all Military Services readiness reporting implementation.  USMC conducts operational and contingency mission readiness reporting using the MET/METL construct through the Defense Readiness Reporting System-Marine Corps (DRRS-MC).  MCTL, part of the Universal Naval Task List (UNTL) and official tri-service standard, MCO 3500.26A/OPNAVINST 3500.38B/USCG COMINST M3500.1B, is a “living document” requiring sustainment through continual updating and modification to meet OPFOR readiness reporting requirements.  MCTL 2.0 WordDoc, downloadable via link below in the "Products" section, is the current, authoritative source of Marine Corps Tasks and supercedes all previously printed or electronic versions.

CD&I Intent

HQMC CD&I/MCCDC intent is to ensure that the MCTL, and the MET/METL life cycle products, are maintained and representative of all elements of the MAGTF, and that the DRRS-MC database is populated with current and relevant near real-time Marine Corps Tasks (MCTs) with amplifying criteria and measurable metrics for immediate use by the USMC OPFORs, installations, bases, stations and the supporting establishment for successful readiness reporting implementation.

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