Operations Analysis Directorate (OAD)
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Mission Statement: Provide timely, credible, and relevant analysis to inform Marine Corps leaders addressing today's most challenging and critical questions. 
The Operations Analysis Directorate (OAD) is the Marine Corps' focal point for operations research, analytic support, and studies management. It provides critical support to the operating forces and the Marine Corps Force Development System by blending a comprehensive understanding of military operations with advanced analytic and decision-making tools, to include a wide range of computer-based models and combat simulations. These tools are employed to assist DC, CD&I with his mission of creating and maintaining combat ready MAGTFs.
OAD executes and provides oversight for the Marine Corps on all matters pertaining to operations analysis and modeling and simulation in order to provide support to organizations across the Marine Corps and to assist in making force development, programmatic, and warfighting decisions.






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