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Joint Capabilities Integration Directorate (JCID)
Joint Capabilities

Mission Statement

Advise the ACMC, as the USMC Principal at the Joint Requirements Oversight Council, on the priorities of joint requirements identified by Combatant Commanders and their relationship to USMC capabilities.

Advise the ACMC on the extent to which Service and Agency capability proposals within the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System conform with the priorities established in strategic plans and combatant  command prioritized capability needs.

Advise the ACMC on alternative capability recommendations that are within projected resource levels and guidance provided by the SecDef and their relationship to USMC programs.

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Joint Capabilities Integration Directorate (JCID)

Combat Development & Integration (4D343)

3000 Marine Corps Pentagon, 20350-3000

703-692-5693 or 703-614-2593


Combat Development & Integration