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High Quality People:

The operational innovations inherent in
Expeditionary Force 21 will be enabled by, and stand upon, the bedrock of our Corps:  the individual Marine. Marines are forged in hard training, made wise through years of combat, and imbued with an expeditionary mindset. We live hard, thrive in austerity, and embrace innovation.  This expeditionary ethos and the extraordinary warriors who exemplify it have and always will be the foundation of our Corps. Our investment in Marines as the cornerstone of all other capabilities will be characterized by two enduring and interrelated lines of effort:

Maintaining the Highest Levels of Combat Readiness. We will capitalize upon every opportunity to enhance Marines’ warfighting capabilities and the ability to operate in a joint and coalition environment. The agile Marine Corps of Expeditionary Force 21 will require sustained investments in preparing Marines as the key contributor to the readiness of our deployed, ready to deploy, and supporting organizations. Considerations include:

  • Manpower policies and processes that collectively support the readiness of standard and task-organized forces of the Active and Reserve Components.
  • A ‘cohesion’ mindset that fosters engaged, focused leadership at all levels.
  • Continuing our commitment to attract, mentor and retain the best and brightest of America’s sons and daughters.
  • An effectively managed civilian workforce, tied to readiness, and which ensures the Marine Corps remains ready to respond to tomorrow’s crises with today’s forces.

Keeping Faith with Marines and Families. In order to support the attributes of Expeditionary Force 21, the Marine Corps will remain committed to providing Marines and their families with a comprehensive and effective support system, as readiness on the home-front ensures mission readiness. The Marine Corps is committed to the Marine during their entire lifecycle through separation or retirement and beyond. As the Marine Corps returns to an expeditionary force, we are working to increase the strength of protective factors, including healthy relationships among our Marines and their families. Nurturing the resiliency of families and children ultimately supports the readiness of Marines and is a priority of the Marine Corps. Keeping faith with Marines and families in Expeditionary Force 21 will be characterized by the capability to:

  • Ensure that our Marines and families are fully aware of the various resources and programs available to them and that they are encouraged to make use of these resources.
  • Provide comprehensive Marine and family programs to develop totally fit Marines and families who are resilient in all areas of life (to include the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions) and engage in healthy behaviors that enable them to successfully meet their duties while deployed and in garrison.
  • Provide Marine and family programs that use evidence-based practices.
  • Ensure all Marine and family programs meet all credentialing and accreditation to ensure consistency of care across the Marine Corps.
  • Continually assess programs to ensure access and availability of care and support across all installations, to reservists, and those supporting the reserve component throughout the country.
  • Provide Marine and family programs that are flexible enough to surge and retract as necessary to support the demands of future missions or training requirements.
  • Provide safe havens aboard our bases and stations that promote healthy communities, and provide valued Marine, family, and community support programs and services.
  • Remain wholly committed to our wounded, ill, and injured Marines, Sailors and their families as we assist them in their transition back to duty or to civilian life.