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The Navy Modeling and Simulation Office (NMSO) is chartered to promote the discovery and reuse of modeling and simulation (M&S) resources, provide information on policy, data, and services, and to serve as the "action arm" of the Navy Modeling and Simulation Governance Board.  As such, NMSO provides administrative support for the Navy Community Leads as well as the M&S community of users.  Additionally, NMSO provides core services and products to improve M&S within, between, and across organizations.  Finally, NMSO provides assistance to promote and implement cross-cutting M&S projects that improve Navy M&S capabilities. 

NMSO is part of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (DASN(RDT&E)) organization.  The Department of the Navy M&S Executive provides leadership for NMSO. Established in 1995, the Navy Modeling and Simulation Management Office (NAVMSMO) became the focal point for all Navy M&S matters, and for coordination with the other Services, Joint Staff, DoD, and National and International M&S organizations. The name was changed to NMSO in 2005. 

NMSO’s responsibilities and functions are delineated in SECNAVINST 5200.38A, SECNAVINST 5200.40, Navy M&S Governance Board Charter, and the NMSO Organizational Chart.

The NMSO manages an annual Naval M&S Calendar in order to track all current events for the calendar year.  There are multiple tabs where additional activities for future years can also be found.  In order to add activities to this calendar, please contact Jeanine Zubowsky at  A link to the calendar is coming soon.


The NMSO web site is a single point of public access to the Navy Modeling and Simulation Information Service (NMSIS). NMSIS is a content management system that makes information available about M&S Data, Education, Interoperability, Standards, Tools, Training, VV&A, and other resources.


Navy Modeling & Simulation Office (NMSO)

48150 Shaw Rd, Bldg 2109, N220

Patuxent River, MD 20670

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