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Implement the VV&A Process Efficiently and Effectively:

Pragmatic Guidance for the Effective Implementation of VV&A

In order to implement successful VV&A, all aspects of M&S must be harmonized - the expectations of the model users and developers, the requirements generator and the executor of those requirements. Successfully building on the foundation of need requires knowledge, precision, and correct documentation. In other words, the VV&A process must be thoroughly planned and thoughtfully executed throughout the M&S development cycle. Thus NMSO VV&A has created step-by-step guidance for VV&A implementation and provides support to those seeking to kick start their VV&A process.

The VV&A Documentation Tool (VDT) is sponsored by the DoD M&S Steering Committee. The VDT produces standardized VV&A documentation compliant with MIL-STD-3022. The VDT can be used by all DoD- and Service-level Communities to meet net-centric architecture requirements for sharing, discovering, and retrieving VV&A information within the Global Information Grid (GIG) Enterprise in compliance with:

For more information about the VDT, please contact

DON M&S VV&A Implementation Handbook

The successful planning and execution of VV&A hinges on a solid understanding of the three VV&A processes and their intrinsic links to the M&S process. The DON M&S VV&A Implementation Handbook provides a solid foundation for the understanding and successful execution of VV&A for both M&S managers and VV&A practitioners. Although the mandate and requirements of VV&A are made clear conceptually, successful execution may be more difficult. NMSO VV&A is happy to address your questions regarding VV&A implementation.

Standard VV&A Documentation Templates

This DoD Standard Practice and associated Data Item Descriptions (DIDs) provide standard templates for VV&A documentation:

  1. MIL-STD-3022 Documentation of VV&A for Models and Simulations

  2. DI-MSSM-81750 DoD M&S Accreditation Plan

  3. DI-MSSM-81751 DoD M&S V&V Plan

  4. DI-MSSM-81752 DoD M&S V&V Report

  5. DI-MSSM-81753 DoD M&S Accreditation Report

    As a Defense Standard Practice, MIL-STD-3022 may be cited as a contractual requirement and the DIDs can be listed on the Contract Data Requirements List (DD Form 1423). All of these, and other documents, can be located at the Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System (ASSIST) site by using their Quick Search function.