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Although each M&S effort is unique, the fundamental goals of VV&A remain the same: ensuring credibility of the M&S results through quantitative testing and thorough documentation. NMSO VV&A seeks to create pervasive awareness of VV&A and its benefits through the creation of a common understanding of VV&A and the free exchange of information among proponents, users, and VV&A practitioners.

VV&A Documentation Archive
All Department of the Navy organizations implementing VV&A processes are required to archive VV&A documents with NMSO.  Referencing existing VV&A documentation is often extremely useful for organizations initiating VV&A planning and/or looking for VV&A information about a specific model, simulation, or federation of models and simulations. The VV&A Documentation Archive provides a list of archived VV&A documents. Please contact if you wish to connect with the document owner. If you are an organization that needs to archive VV&A documents, simply email them to