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lighten the MAGTF

As a “middleweight force,” we must be light enough to leverage the flexibility and capacity of amphibious shipping, yet heavy enough to accomplish the mission.  The requirement to “Lighten the MAGTF” (LTM) remains, but a decreasing TOA means that force development planners will consider less desirable those weight-reduction initiatives that require additional funding. 

The purpose of LTM is twofold

  1. Reduce the size, weight, and cube of forces so that the MEU and the assault element of the MEB will fit within the lift constraints of our amphibious fleet NLT 2025
  2. Institutionalize LTM concepts, tactics, techniques and procedures within the Marine Corps Force Development Process. 

We have established a process where the principal executive forum for integrating all combat development assessments and initiatives across the MAGTF will review all combat development initiatives through the lens of “Lighten The MAGTF.”

This is not a CD&I only effort, all advocates are considering size, weight, logistical footprints and energy consumption for current and future materiel solutions. 

The Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration (CD&I) is in the process of defining the Baseline MEU and MEB to develop a standing MEU and MEB T/E and Equipment Density List with consideration to the MAGTF's size, weight, logistics footprint, energy efficiency and within the restraints of future amphibious lift.

In the long term, developing a lighter MAGTF will require solutions across the range of materiel and non-materiel approaches...some examples:

  • Science and Technology: E2O Initiatives (GREENS/SPACES/On-Board Vehicle Power)
  • New Doctrine: How “lighter” translates to “more tactical” in Maneuver Warfare
  • Depot Maintenance: Fuel Efficiency Modifications
  • H20 Consumption: Expeditionary options
  • Armoring Strategy: Lighter
  • Expeditionary Logistics: Footprint Reduction
  • Energy Metrics: KW produced (standby, average power, peak power, surge power,)