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The MAGTF and its ability to task-organize across the Range of Military Operations is a proven concept that remains our “first principle” for force organization. We must examine how we organize and employ MAGTFs as units capable of meeting challenges in the future operating environment. This includes remaining capable of MEF-level Operations to exploit success in amphibious landings, turn an adversary’s flank, or create opportunities for future Joint force actions. This means integrating command, control and informational tools across the force, maintaining our ability to conduct unified action in joint and combined operations, integrating MAGTF-SOF capabilities, overcome the challenges of compositing forces, and maintaining the ability to provide distributable forces. The MAGTF will continue to be enhanced by exploiting automation, especially manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) and by seeking a total force approach to readiness in order exploit the unique capabilities of both reserve and active forces.




Combat Development & Integration