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Maneuver warfare remains our doctrine and requires action in the physical and cognitive dimensions of conflict. The 21st Century MAGTF must be able to maneuver equally well in both dimensions to achieve psychological, technological, temporal, and spatial advantages. Maneuver warfare applies to both naval and littoral maneuver and requires a broader concept of combined arms/information warfare that includes military information support operations (MISO), military deception (MILDEC), operations security (OPSEC), electronic warfare (EW), physical attack, special technical operations (STO), information assurance (IA), computer network operations (CNO), public affairs (PA), and civil-military operations (CMO). The MAGTF must also be prepared to conduct urban operations in complex terrain. This requires maintaining infantry mobility and utilizing both light and heavy forces, as well as improving expeditionary logistics and operational energy to support the MAGTF.


Combat Development & Integration