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How an Expeditionary Force Operates in the 21st Century-Key Point

Our ability to execute the Marine Corps Operating Concept in the future operating environment will require a force that has:

  • Integrated with the Navy, Special Operations Forces and the Joint force – because Marines both contribute and benefit from unique and complementary capabilities across the range of military operations and across all five domains

  • Devised and refined an approach to operate from more diverse platforms and expeditionary advanced bases as part of a Naval Campaign – because fighting at and from the sea was, is, and will remain a core competency that the Nation requires.

  • Mastered the implementation of 21st century combined arms to conduct maneuver warfare across all domains – because we will exploit every opportunity to gain an advantage.

  • Organized, trained and equipped all echelons to integrate information warfare – because information warfare is inherent in what we all do, every day.

  • Designed and protected our C2 and ISR networks as a multi-source information sharing architecture that reliably serves disparate MAGTF elements – because distributing actionable information keeps operations in chaotic environments from becoming chaotic operations.

  • Created tailorable MAGTFs to fight and win when it fluidly distributes and concentrates elements – because maneuver warfare and combined arms create combat power at any scale.

  • Enabled small units to achieve greater effects – because they can leverage the full combat power of the MAGTF and naval/Joint forces

  • Redesigned logistics to support distributed forces across a dynamic and fully contested battlespace – because iron mountains of supply and lakes of liquid fuel are liabilities and not supportive of maneuver warfare.

  • Learned how to use unmanned systems and automation at all echelons in every domain – because mastering the man-machine interface offers a significant advantage in military operations.

  • Established mental and physical standards through a mission-driven perspective that fully recognizes the demands on foot-mobile forces conducting operations in austere environments – because superior Marines are the Nation’s asymmetric advantage. 

  • Developed leaders at all echelons who know how to fight in densely populated urban environments and understand the power of information and IW – because “fighting hard” and “fighting smart” are not the same thing.

  • Designed and implemented manpower systems, policies, and processes to attract, develop, retain, and support highly qualified Marines prepared for the rigors of 21st century expeditionary operations – because the force of the future requires the best and brightest talent.

  • Leveraged “commercial-off-the-shelf systems” that augments an acquisition process – because industry is producing advances in technology at a rate that requires rapid acquisition.

  • Exploited the ability of our largest MAGTF, the Marine Expeditionary Force, to serve as a reservoir of capability from which to tailor the force at every level – because the Marine Corps is unique in its ability to task-organize for any situation.